Why hygge?

As another wave of Covid-19 makes its way through our communities, I sit at home with an immune-compromised 2-year old and a newborn who spent her first hours earthside in the NICU receiving oxygen. My number one priority in life is to protect these sweet little lungs.

So unfortunately for us, that means that staying home is mandatory. It’s back to grocery pickups and online shopping and limited activities. It’s the end of library play-dates and zoo trips. It also means that as we approach the holidays, our sweet family of four will mostly be cozied up on our own. These things are all really difficult for me, as I know they are for many others right now.

It felt a little like there was an end in sight to the pandemic, a false confidence brought on by decreasing numbers and the availability of the vaccine. So there’s a lot of disappointment that comes with knowing that it’s not the case, that (at least our little immune-compromised family) will be facing this for a long while.

But, I faced the last round of lock-downs and quarantines with pretty much no other emotion than fear and dread. This time, I want to do better. To face it with courage and hope. To take advantage of the moments at home with my babies and my love.

Enter: hygge.

I’m not going to define it for you, as every single blog post about hygge does. Just know, it’s all about coziness, time together, and intentionality.

I’ve decided that this next season of life (and lockdown) will be entirely hygge driven. What my girls will miss in terms of playdates and pumpkin patches, we’ll make up for in home cooked meals, long walks, and movie nights.

While raising my babies in the midst of a global pandemic is most certainly not how I pictured motherhood, I will not be shaken by the fear and unknown. My desire is to trust the Lord, live with a hope mindset, and do my best to give my family a life well-lived, and full of hot cocoa, cozy blankets, and precious togetherness.

Published by Nestled With the Nelsons

Hi, there. I'm Megan. I'm a wife, mama, and homemaker living in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Here you'll find my ramblings and musings in my pursuit of a simpler life. Thanks for stopping by.

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