#1 The Beginning

There is something that has long inspired me about the daily journal Erin Napier used to keep up on her website. She used it as a way to highlight the bright spots in her days during a time when positivity was hard to come by for her.

Which is exactly where I am. In a season where blessings are abundant but the days feel equal parts mundane and overwhelming. My identity feels blurry, in a season where who I’ve always been is resisting who I’m becoming. My girl is growing quickly, and another one’s arrival is imminent. My husband is dreaming and scheming and building his dream career while still working in his actual career.

They say the days are long, but the years are short. Nothing truer has ever been spoken.

So I want to remember these days, mundane and exhausting, magical and extraordinary.

I want to remember how Hazel smells like graham crackers and Spaghettios when she smelled like milk for so long before.

How, at some point, the tags in her clothes stopped reading “months” and switched to “T’s”.

How she says “doodle doodle doodle” as her little hands draw lines with her beeswax crayons, or mama’s fancy pens she snagged when I wasn’t looking, or daddy’s Expo markers she had to stand on her tippy-toes to reach.

I want to remember the look on Hazel’s face when she meets baby Finley for the first time.

I want to appreciate the tiny things my husband does for me on the days when I feel alone.

I want to look back at this season, this blurry, exhausting, self-sacrificing, joyous season, and remember every precious moment.

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