Hazel’s Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

toddler capsule wardrobe spring colors

Capsule wardrobes are such a delight, aren’t they? They make everything easier, especially as a mama. I love getting Hazel dressed every morning. I love shopping for her clothes every season. It’s quick, simple, and I love seeing her in sweet little outfits, if we’re being honest.

With a new baby coming* and my increasing need for simplicity, I really honed in on my capsule wardrobe process for her this season.

*Stay tuned to see a sweet, tiny, newborn capsule coming soon.

Here is what I’ve collected for Hazey girl this season:


“Be Kind” soft cotton tee (Etsy)

“Garden Girl” soft cotton tee (Etsy)

White eyelet short sleeve top (thrifted, Oshkosh)

Chambray ruffle long sleeve top (thrifted, Carter’s)

Blue floral peasant top (H&M)

Oatmeal bobble cardigan (Target)


Green cotton tank dress (H&M)

Striped cotton tank dress (H&M)

Mustard yellow floral dress (H&M)

Mauve floral romper (H&M)

Chambray sleeveless shirt dress (thrifted, Oshkosh)


Overall shorts (H&M)

Light & dark denim shorts (Target)

Solid color leggings (Colored Organics- thyme, berry, pewter)

Cat & Jack jeggings (Target)

Taupe bloomers (Amazon)


Linen bonnet (H&M)

Cognac Mary-Janes (Amazon)

Navy Hunter rainboots (Amazon)

toddler capsule wardrobe spring colors

So that’s Hazel’s spring/summer capsule wardrobe!

She also has 5 pairs of light cotton pajamas and I’m in the market for 1-2 swimsuits, a pair of sandals (sweet darling has hard feet to fit!), and perhaps a light sweatshirt for early summer evenings. But after tying up those loose ends, I’m hopeful this precious collection will last us through the summer months.

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