#6 Grief, Relief, and Joy Abounding

If I’ve learned anything through the trials of the past year, it’s that grief and joy are not conflicting emotions. They are often found hand in hand. Light in dark times. Hope in helplessness. Kindness in sorrow.

I found out this afternoon that my aunt passed away. She battled many demons, and grief unimaginable for my entire lifetime. I felt guilt in heavy waves as I battled the “I should have been there and done more” complex. I felt sorrow for the loneliness and heartache she’s faced. And I felt relief knowing that a merciful God has welcomed her home where she’ll be free from the sufferings her earthly life dealt her.

I’m thankful for the love she showed me when I was a little girl. I’m thankful for the family unit that I was born into. And I’m thankful that her precious child was in heaven to greet her.

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